20件在公共场合令情侣难堪的事 上
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1. Arguing 
Whether you're the one raising your voice and making angry hand gestures (Courtney Cox style) or on the receiving end (Johnny McDaid), having a row where others can see or hear us, is high on most people's 'Please No' list. 
2. Spilling secrets 
Letting your less-well-off friends know exactly how much you spent on your house/sofa/bag; telling your boss how you frequently stay up late binging on box sets; how you pick your toenails when you're sitting on the sofa or revealing dark secrets from your past. 
3. Giving intimate details of your sex life 
What you get up to, how often you have it (particularly galling1 if it's not impressive). |
4. Political rants 
Something most of us can relate to post-Brexit. 
It's one thing having a lively debate, quite another pointing fingers, going red in the face and refusing to let others change the subject. 
5. Swearing 
We've all let off the odd 'F-bomb' but a partner who does that (or worse) every sentence, when you're out with your parents and their friends, isn't endearing. 
6. Bad language 
'Was' instead of 'were', using completely the wrong word or in the wrong context… all make you wince2 if you're around well-spoken friends or family. 
The flipside is a partner who deliberately3 talks 'above' the people you're with, using words no one else understands to show off. 
7. Shocking table manners 
Up there with partners who get horrendously4 drunk are partners who start eating before everyone else, talk with their mouths full, drop egg down their top, don't put their knives and forks together when they're finished. 
8. Getting drunk 
It's the most common partner faux pas but that doesn't make it any less painful for the partner forced to smile as their other half demonstrates how twerking should really be done. 
9. Being too frisky5 or over-affectionate 
Usually a by-product6 of the above, getting too 'handsy' while inebriated7 or making loud, slurry pronouncements of love can be seen as kind of cute or complimentary8 by some. 
But definitely not all. 
10. Bad clothing choices 
Clashing colours, clothes too short, too tight, out of fashion, inappropriate or just wrong makes us flush for obvious reasons: our partner doesn't even need to say anything to embarrass us. 
All they need to do is stand there! 


1 galling galling     
  • It was galling to have to apologize to a man she hated. 令人恼火的是得向她憎恶的男人道歉。
  • The insolence in the fellow's eye was galling. 这家伙的傲慢目光令人恼怒。 来自英汉文学 - 嘉莉妹妹
2 wince tgCwX     
  • The barb of his wit made us wince.他那锋芒毕露的机智使我们退避三舍。
  • His smile soon modified to a wince.他的微笑很快就成了脸部肌肉的抽搐。
3 deliberately Gulzvq     
  • The girl gave the show away deliberately.女孩故意泄露秘密。
  • They deliberately shifted off the argument.他们故意回避这个论点。
4 horrendously 6e36df3dedb4f7bce01ed634f161e37b     
  • Speedy they may be, but chipped ID cards are horrendously insecure. 芯片身份证也许便捷,但却极不安全。 来自互联网
5 frisky LfNzk     
  • I felt frisky,as if I might break into a dance.我感到很欢快,似乎要跳起舞来。
  • His horse was feeling frisky,and he had to hold the reins tightly.马儿欢蹦乱跳,他不得不紧勒缰绳。
6 by-product nSayP     
  • Freedom is the by-product of economic surplus.自由是经济盈余的副产品。
  • The raw material for the tyre is a by-product of petrol refining.制造轮胎的原材料是提炼汽油时产生的一种副产品。
7 inebriated 93c09832d9b18b52223b3456adcd31c1     
  • He was inebriated by his phenomenal success. 他陶醉于他显赫的成功。 来自互联网
  • Drunken driver(a driver who is inebriated). 喝醉了的司机(醉酒的司机) 来自互联网
8 complimentary opqzw     
  • She made some highly complimentary remarks about their school.她对他们的学校给予高度的评价。
  • The supermarket operates a complimentary shuttle service.这家超市提供免费购物班车。
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